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Strolling Zacatecas

Strolling Zacatecas
Strolling Zacatecas

Zacatecas, know for its silver mining, arts and music was occupied over 10,000 years ago. The Spanish settled there around 1540 and instead of laying out orderly straight streets in the new city, they followed the established native winding paths. Driving a car there is a bit of a challenge since most streets are a goat cart width - so much faster, easier to walk! Strolling Zacatecas is an example of navigating the roadways there.

This week the muse was discovered in a box of old travel photos that included some shot years ago on a trip to central Mexico. I remember waiting for print development at Costco, being thrilled about having some "exotic" reference material to create with. Returning home, ordinary life set back in and the paintings become pacific northwest again. After creating the first painting Colonial Courtyard this week, I stayed with the Mexico theme. Only problem .... now I have a hankering for fish tacos.



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